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Software Development Kits (SDKs)

A Software Development Kit, also called a “devkit” or SDK, is a set of development tools that allows software engineers to create customized applications for a particular software package, software framework, hardware platform, or operating system. This allows developers to create applications specific to their business needs that will interact with the product or products developed by the SDK creators.


What Development Environments Do the SDKs Support?


Kount Complete Risk Inquiry System (RIS) SDKs


The latest SDKs are available on GitHub:


Technical Guide:

Kount Complete Technical Specification Guide r. Jan 2016


Legacy Zip Files:



Mobile SDKs


Most online merchants look at mobile commerce as a new and exciting way to allow customers to shop, connect and buy products on the go. The rapid growth of mobile devices globally though, has opened new doors for fraudsters.


Fraudsters now have more ways to access goods and services, mask themselves, and attempt to steal from you or disrupt business. Unlike other forms of devices, mobile devices introduce many new elements that complicate the user verification process. Stolen mobile devices are as vulnerable as stolen credit cards and other forms of identification.


At Kount, we look at all fraud as bad, wherever it is being committed no matter the device or payment method. Mobile devices use a different set of criteria, requiring retailers to employ technology that identifies, validates, and authorizes a purchase as quickly as possible. Kount's all-in-one solution makes it easy to monitor transactions coming from any device, including mobile devices and make the necessary adjustments.


  • Real time mobile fraud analysis

  • Fast & accurate information

  • Friction-free checkout experience

  • Accept more orders from more devices

  • Mobile data can be used to create rules

  • Mobile SDK for easy development

  • The mobile SDKs bypass browser based proxies (We’ll get the real device IP instead of the proxy IP)

  • Access to the GEO location from GPS on the device (if enabled) for precise location data


For more information on Kount's "Native" Mobile Guides please select the link below to access either the iOS or Android SDK’s and documentation.


The latest version of the Android Mobile SDK can be found at

The current version of the iOS Mobile SDK can be found at


Also see Mobile SDK Workaround for Kount Access.



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