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Release 7.9.0

Kount Complete

7.9.0 Release Notes

November 7, 2017



New Branding

Effective November 7, 2017, Kount's new branding and logo are live in the Agent Web Console. Menus, features, and functionality have not been impacted by this visual enhancement, which is intended to update and streamline Kount's colors and logo to keep pace with other branding updates.


Note: Some merchants will find it necessary to clear their cache in order to see all UI changes displayed in the following screenshot.     


Figure 1. Kount AWC 7.9.0



Whitepages Pro Introduces a New Score

Kount integrates with Whitepages Pro, an optional, third-party service that performs a five-in-one search, validating the customer’s name, email address, phone number, postal addresses, and IP geolocation in a single action and allowing subscribers to save time when assessing orders.


Whitepages Pro now generates and passes an Identity Check Score, described as a “comprehensive assessment of a transaction that leverages the millions of transactional patterns across our network and Identity Check’s 70+ data signals to deliver a score on a 0-500 range." The new score is intended to expedite analysis and decisioning using Whitepages Pro data by reducing time spent writing complex rules and manually reviewing orders.  


Kount now displays this score in the following locations: 

Auto Agent and Rules Engines

Figure 2. Identity Check Score in Rules Engine




Whitepages Pro Gadget and Details

Figure 3. Identity Check Score in Gadget and Details



For more information about Whitepages Pro, contact a Client Success Manager. 


Boost Technology™ Safety Score Updates

The Safety Score has been rebranded the Safety Rating and effective November 7, 2017, will be available as a column to be added to Workflow tabular views, where applicable.

Figure 4. Safety Rating column in Suspect Orders



Complete details about the Safety Rating and Boost Technology™, currently in beta release, are available here

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