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KWrapper Intergration Info


  • The Kwrapper is a method for PSP (payment or merchant aggregator) to create a JavaScript wrapper for the  Kount Device Collector. 
  • The Kwrapper is meant for use with Kount Central clients to more easily integrate the Device Collector into their sub-merchant's order/transaction workflow.
  • The Kwrapper still requires HTML code to be inserted into the merchant's checkout/transaction page, but it simplifies the process (compared to inserting the full device collector JS/HTML)


  • The Kwrapper simplifies the Device Collector code integration for the sub-merchants that are under a PSP/payment aggregator. 
  • The Kwrapper is a single JavaScript file that the PSP adds to their gateway that creates an iframe "on-the-fly" to gather device data.
  • The Kwrapper requires the PSP to store the generated SessionID value in their database to then pass to Kount for future Risk Inquiry Service (RIS) calls associated with the transaction. 
  • The only requirements of the merchant is to insert a short snippet of JavaScript code onto their order/transaction page (eg: checkout page)


What are the benefits of this feature?

  1. It eliminates the need for the merchant to have to generate, store and manage the SessionID values. The SessionID handling is offloaded to the PSP.
  2. The merchant only needs to add a small snippet of JavaScript to their checkout (or equivalent) page, and edit the value of minimally two values (MerchantID & FormID, with optional SiteID if PSP is offering custom rules per-merchant site.)


When to use this feature?

The Kwrapper is for use with Kount Central clients who don't want to burden their merchants with having to manage SessionID generation and storage.  


Technical Details

  • The merchant embeds a small snippet of JavaScript code into their checkout/transaction page that has a few options to configure.
  • The two use cases for the Kwrapper are either for Portfolio-level Kount rules (Kount Central Portfolio) or Merchant-level Kount rules (Kount Central Fraud Manager or Kount Central Enterprise):
    • Kount Central Portfolio use case: No SiteID needed.
    • Kount Central Fraud Manager or Kount Central Enterprise: Need a SiteID value to identify the merchant. 

Kwrapper files

  1. Help Guide: KountCentralKwrapperHelpGuide_v1.4.docx
  2. Javascript code: kwrapper_v1.4.js
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